I was on my way to church this morning when my car broke down. I was about to negotiate a bend when one of my front tyres stepped on a sharp pebble that I did not even realize was there and ‘boom’, there goes my tyre! While I was waiting for it to be fixed, I reflected on how puzzling life can actually be especially because the first thought that came to my mind was how God would allow this to happen on my way to church. The same reason people always wonder why bad things happen to good people. As I kept turning it all in my mind, I recalled Psalm 23:4 [Even though I walk through the (sunless) valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod (to protect) and Your staff (to guide), they comfort and console me. AMP] and then it hit me! God has a way of making all things work together for our good [Romans 8:28]. HE never sleeps nor slumbers, even in the midst of our adversities. Like the shepherd’s rod that was meant to chastise the sheep when they want to stray, there is the deliberate underlying protection the rod provides. The seeming rebuke is more like a safety measure that keeps them from harm. And then again the shepherd’s staff is always there to guide and direct the sheep.


In the midst of life’s overwhelming turbulence, God’s rod (protection) and staff (guidance) would always be a sure source of comfort and direction. Serious challenges of life and even little hitches like my tyre issue can actually be God’s preventive or safety measures for the overall good of His children. God often uses the foolish things of this world to show His mighty works [1Corinthians 1:27]. That is why He commanded us to give thanks in all situations [1Thessalonians 5:18] as that seemingly terrible circumstance might be His help in progress and would eventually be something to really be grateful for. If you are still in doubt, ask Joseph in Genesis 41 about the 24hours miracle of repositioning from the prison to the palace or read the entire chapters (just 4 of them!) of the book of Ruth and you will be amazed about how God can use the direst of situations to achieve His redemptive plan for mankind. God is perfect in all ways and really know how to make music out of broken chords. Your situation can never be beyond Him, just cast it all on Him and with a heart of gratitude, be confident that it will end in praise. God’s got it all in control! He is God over all!!