”If you never say goodbye to the best things in your life, there are things you don’t appreciate at all… Unknown”

Looking back 2016, it has been an awesome year. In spite of the devil, we are here! God has been wonderfully faithful. He showed Himself mighty and strong. The food we eat, His provision and protection. In spite of the recession, He kept us and as much as the year has its ups and downs, we made it thus far.

2017 promises to be a delight! A clean slate, a fresh start. An opportunity to rewrite history and honestly, it’s time to let go of those things we have been clinging to. I mean those things or folks that are holding us down by seemingly making us feel it can’t be done without them. I always tell people that much of what is holding us back is the fear of letting go of the better for the best. We celebrate our little achievements and rather than make them stepping stones, they become our final destination and comfort zones. However, the unfortunate thing about comfort zones is their ability to stagnate us. We think we have arrived and get so complacent that taking on the next challenge become our biggest challenge.

Life will always show you when to act, oftentimes presenting opportunities disguised as challenges. Knowing what to do per time is entirely on you especially because much of the challenges you will encounter will be tailored towards your strengths and passions so two basic ingredients for your succeeding in 2017 will be discernment and determination. Discernment is essential for realizing what needs to the done and when it should be done. The power of timing is so key that a good done at the wrong time might as well have been bad, if not worse. Determination will keep you going against all odds. A determined mind would fall a thousand times and rise again a thousand times. Determination will enable you focus through thick and thin and help you weather the storm every step of the way! I pray the spirit of discernment and the strength to remain dogged be released upon you 2017 and beyond in Jesus name! You will succeed!!!