My thoughts have been on a roller coaster ride lately. I have a job that requires me talk to and extract information from seemingly ordinary day to day conversations with clients and I must confess it’s been quite an experience. My burden actually stem from the realization of how much our generation seems to lack in terms of depth and wisdom. We have so majored on the minor things of life and our ignorance is quite astonishing. As much as there will always be exceptions, the vast majority of us are kind of guilty as charged.

Ours is a generation I lack the right words to adequately describe. A generation that sees pain as a curse and refuses to come to terms with “no pain, no gain”. We have the best of resources and still could not accomplish much. We claimed to be smart and despise hardwork, yet lack the depth and wisdom to even steer our own lives aright. Our role models are footballers and weird looking, morally bankrupt musicians. We adore and talk about them with so much passion that even Albert Einstein would go green with envy if he realizes how much Lionel Messi earns in a year and how much we idolize him. Check out the crowd at a typical newspaper stand and you will be shocked that over eighty percent of them have come to check out the sport pages. Only a handful would bother to read the news or try to keep abreast of current events and happenings around the world. I always wonder how we will care for our offspring when we lack the rudiments of parenting. Here is a generation that’s just too busy to learn. A bunch of workaholics with very lazy minds. Always in a hurry to take it all in and thus fail to perfect competence in what truly matters. A Jack of all trade generation that is so delighted in instant gratification and taking the fastest means available. Ask an average youth how many books he read last year and his response would probably be “when I have not even finished studying what I’ve been taught at school, where is the time to read books that has no direct relevance with my course of study?”

The decadence seems to have taken a toll on our morals too as that in itself has degenerated so much especially lately. How else do you explain the fact that chastity seems to have lost it pride? It doesn’t matter what kind of life you live for as long as you have some material possessions to show for it. Who cares about a good name when the society itself relates with you on the basis of how heavy your pocket is? Whether it’s ill gotten or ritual money, as long as it pays the bills and support your ostentatious lifestyle, “na you dey reign”. Leadership is never on the basis of competence but on nepotism or who spends the most cash. I often wonder how we expect progress especially in our so called third world countries when all we care about is our individual welfare and that alone. An average youth just want to get there and ‘make it’ by hook or crook because leadership is no longer about service but an avenue to siphon public wealth into private pockets. The proliferation of junk and instant, oftentimes over processed foods is another testament to how much this generation seems to love shortcuts and truth be told, it’s already telling on our health and vitality.

The rate of deterioration and its attendant consequences are indications that we continue to ignore the red flags at our own peril. We need to retrace our steps and go back to the basics. Values like hardwork, diligence, honesty and selflessness need to find their way back into our systems. Total character reformation and reorientation to set our moral compasses aright. Integrity and the fear of God should always drive our motives and dealings because our love for God and for each other is what really matters if we truly want to chart a fresh course towards greatness. With our minds made up and hands on the plough, we can make it happen!