I have been greatly troubled about my schedule these past few weeks. I have a job that seems to be a blessing considering how daunting it is to be gainfully employed in my country but how do I reconcile it with the fact that this so called blessing seems to be taking me away from everything and everyone I am passionate about. I have always wanted to be a big time businessman and part of the reason why I had to seek for a salaried job was to raise capital for expansion but this same job seems to be choking every other thing I plan to do. I’m sure every faithful follower of this blog can attest to the fact that my blogging seems to be feeling the heat too and almost everyone that has a so called nine-to-five in this present economy can relate very well with what I’m grappling with. Anyway, ruminating about how to adapt and effectively manage my hectic schedule seems to be what kept pushing my thoughts every now and then to this subject of finding God’s will for one’s life. I usually ponder on what God’s plan for my present situation really is even as I struggle to find answers and wonder how He intends to make it all work together for my good as promised in Romans 8 (my favourite Scripture and I really think it’s one we all need to frequently meditate on).

I recently stumbled on Charles R. Swindoll’s ‘Great Life Series’ which is a set of books that chronicles and critically dissect the great lives of certain biblical characters; David, Esther, Joseph, Moses, Paul, Elijah, Job and our saviour Jesus Christ. My foray into these written masterpieces has really provided the much needed comfort and has wonderfully illuminate my perspective on following God’s will. I realized men and women abounds in the Scripture who were expressly made aware of their calling from the Lord, but who soon discovered that heeding God’s will comes at a very steep price. They were most times exactly the opposite of what they envisage and don’t even correlate with God’s promises at all. There were times they were even downright painful or at least not where they had expected to go. To fully come into God’s will for him as the father of faith, Abraham had to contend with the pain of sacrificing his only son inspite of God’s promise that he will be the father of many nations. Joseph was maligned, mistreated and falsely accused. How could being sold into slavery and going to jail be God’s will for anyone’s life? Well, for him, it sure was. David was anointed to become king of Israel but within a short time became the object of King Saul’s jealousy and wrath. And for a dozen or more years, the pressure he endured mounted to such an extent that he must have wondered if he would ever live to be king. Yet, everything he went through was mysteriously being used by God to lead him to the throne. Paul, after being so clearly called by God as the apostle to the Gentiles spent the remainder of his life jumping from one frying pan to another fire. Even God’s only son had to endure the cross to fulfill His father’s will for Him. If God can sanction the death of Christ to bring about His redemptive plan for mankind, He sure knows about and deliberately allow that situation that to you, may painfully seem like the end of the road. The life of Job is a perfect example of what I’m trying to emphasize about God’s will.

At some point, it dawned on me that God uses the good, the bad and the uglies of this world to bring His plans for our lives to perfection. Walking in God’s will is no guarantee that all will always be fun and smooth. There will be times we would be required to navigate rough waters and even though it might not look like it, His faithfulness is forever true. No matter what you are going through, He is carefully chiselling you to conform to the image of His son and when next you are wondering what God is up to concerning your situation, just remember that embracing His will though might come with its ebb and flow, He that began the good work in you is sure faithful to complete it. You are inscribed in the palm of His hands (Isaiah 49:16) so be rest assured He will never leave nor forsake you. This has been my comfort amidst life’s “tempestuous sea”. It sure can be yours too!