“This life sef. How come I’m the one going through all of this? I’m a committed Christian. I pay my tithe regularly and even gave all my allowee throughout my NYSC days for God’s work, yet I’m the one that couldn’t get a good job after four years. Even those that didn’t pay tithe, let alone give sacrificial offerings are doing very well than I am” he said amidst sighs. It was after a few hours of listening, careful analysis and meditations that I was able to make my friend realize he had made the same mistake that is so common today especially among tithing Christians.

The Bible recorded Abraham as the first tither. It is important to note that there was no instruction concerning tithing as at then so giving a tenth of his wealth was an act of worship stemming from his love for God. He acknowledged God as the giver of all things and his gift to Melchizedek was his way of showing gratitude for all he had. On the other hand, the fear of the curses in Malachi 3 seems to be one major reason why most Christians tithe today. They desire God’s windows of Heaven to be opened, want to enjoy His blessings yet their hearts are far from Him. Really, like I told my friend, we often forget that we are no more under the law. Christ became cursed for our sake, redeemed us and as new creations, we cannot be cursed so the fear of any curse should never be our motivation. We are to serve God with our wealth, not out of the fear of loosing them but because of our love for Him for the greatest commandment is to love God (Mathew 22:37, Luke 10:27, Deuteronomy 6:5).

I think why most of us get frustrated is because our tithes and whatever offerings we give are bribes in the first place. We give because we want something in return and when our expectations are not met, we see God as unfair. As much as looking unto God for blessings is not bad at all, it should never be our only reason for giving. God sees our intentions and know what’s best for us. If our hearts are right with Him, we will worship Him in spirit (understand His plans and purposes for us) and in truth. Our offerings would flow from gratitude and He’ll increase us mightily. It is also important to note that every seed has its own season and unique process (gestation period) before harvest. In the same vein, our seeds and time of reaping the blessings would definitely differ so like every good farmer, patience is key. It is not just enough understand the law of sowing and reaping, the law of process should also be mastered. I rest my case!