The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you will see… Winston Churchill.

I met her through a mutual friend. It was at a point I wasn’t particularly interested in any form of friendship (think I’ve had my own fair share of ‘frienemies’ and was already done with even wishing I never met any of them) whatsoever but there was something about her that ignited my curiosity. She was radical in a cool kind of way and beneath the seemingly tough exterior is this ‘heart of gold’ that really wowed me. She is one of these rare kind of friends that makes you feel like a billion dollar bucks when you are with them.

Our friendship blossomed and we grew into each other. She, even without her realizing it changed some certain stereotypical opinion of mine about women. She is beauty, brain and virtue in a single body. I mean, this woman is caring to a fault. She loves God deeply and her willingness to live by His standards is quite remarkable. She is not without her failings, one of which is her being blunt to a fault, but also has this unusual willingness to admit and work on them. I’ve known her for quite a while now and her kindheartedness never ceases to blow my mind. I’ve seen her grown and like fine wine, she’s keeps getting better by the day. She is such a rare gem…the Proverbs 31 kind of a woman!