I often tell people that discovering purpose is one major key to living a fulfilling life. When you realize why you are created and what you are really passionate about, it is easier to focus on the vision you have for your life and be dedicated towards achieving your life’s goals. When you live a deliberate and purposeful life, you are very likely to attain great success in life. Your life would be driven by your vision and everything you speak or think or do would be geared towards fulfilling destiny.

Well, as lofty as living out your vision of life is, one thing you need to be wary of is not to be consumed by your desire to get there while failing to enjoy the process. Even the best of us are usually guilty of this. We get obsessed with our final destination and when we finally did get there, realize the vanity of it all. That is usually when it dawned on us that we have failed to savour the beautiful moments and wasted the precious relationships along the way by paying less attention or even outrightly ignoring them. This is one of the reasons why we have so many ‘frustrated successful’ people in today’s societies. You don’t get to realize how empty and joyless their lives and achievements are until you get close enough to observe their so called successes.

As much as focus is key to fulfilling purpose in life, what makes success truly satisfying is how positively lives had been impacted and how much of life’s beautiful moments one is able to capture and really relish. Those life’s magical moments should never be trampled on by your passion and all consuming intent on ‘making it’. Being able to discern and disciplined enough to strike a balance between what is urgent and what is important is essential to living the good life. Workaholism and being over ambitious are results of misplaced priorities in a bid to gratify our endless pursuits and can be killing. “The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it”- Proverbs 10:22. It’s not by how well you work or did not work as life’s race is not to the swift. Work hard and be diligent in whatever you do but don’t ever get caught up in the rat race and spend your life chasing shadows. You will wake up someday and realize it’s all gone with the wind and then you would have missed out on the beautiful moments and opportunities that makes life truly worth living. Folks, it’s time to go back to the drawing board, do a quick and sincere review of your journey so far. Make the necessary adjustments and prayerfully steer your life back towards its right course if it has derailed. You can actually enjoy the path and still live an action-packed, significant life!