I finally got down to doing a quick re-evaluation of me so far and really could confidently beat my chest and say “against all odds, I’m still street balling”. I mean I might not be where I’m supposed to be or even where I want to be but considering the odds and prevailing circumstances, I’m doing just fine. I have managed to garner even more street confidence as we’d say where I’m from. I’ve been through the worst of times as it seems. I’ve been betrayed, backstabbed, humiliated and even downright heartbroken. I’ve done some pretty terrible things too— stuffs I can never be proud of, but through it all, God’s mercy held me. Like the prodigal son, His grace had always led me back to Bethel— the place of reconciliation and restoration.

My university days came with such a bundle of life lessons especially on tolerance, leadership and people/relationship management. I realized at some point then that my decisions and commitments would in turn play major roles in shaping my future so I tried as much as I can to be mindful of whatever I do and also try to ensure I’m at peace in my dealings with everyone. I made loads of friends, many of whom I’ve benefited immensely from even till date and although I have come to accept them as necessary for my overall character development, I also have a few friends I sometimes wished I had never met (Well, I’m not saying I hate them!).

I’ve been a graduate for a while now (na today?), yet to get a job (I mean my kind of job o!) but somehow (make hunger no kill man!) been able to make a living from my ‘hustling’ (entrepreneur ‘things’) tendencies. My lifelong passion has always been for learning (guess it’s my ever curious mind at work) and my profound love for books eventually became my food basket. I actually did found a way to make money from my passion and it’s been God all the way. He’s been my help in ages past (especially when I wasn’t deserving) and is my sure hope for a fantastic future! In Him, I move, live and do have my being.

I’m getting better, wiser and my understanding of life and people becoming deeper by the day. I’m learning to be forgiving, gracious and just towards everyone. I’m learning to smile amidst pain and confusion, trust amidst fear and betrayal and continue fighting to fulfil destiny. Trusting God with all of my plans, I take each day at a time, savour the precious moments of each day, learn from my mistakes and strive towards leaving my world a better place!

If there’s one lesson life has taught me, it is responsibility! I always tell people to be responsible especially for their actions and decisions. I tell them every of their decision is a seed into their future irrespective of the circumstances or influences that contributed to such. You will definitely answer for yourself when life comes calling (“na my wife cause am, no dey there”). Ignorance is not even an excuse. Like my friend would say, you just have to work out your ‘big picture’ with fear and trembling. Looking on to God for the understanding of His perfect will and asking Him for wisdom to decipher the right direction per time. With God on your side, victory is so certain. And as much as I believe in dreaming big and working responsibly hard to make it a reality, I also know Romans 9:16 [So then it is not of him that wills, nor of him that runs, but of God that shows mercy.] is very true. God’s mercy is key to living the overcoming life especially because life has a way of surprising us with unexpected things. We must at all times be willing to relinquish our plans and desires at His throne of grace and watch Him make miracles of our lives!