That God created man in His own image and created us all in our own unique ways and for His specific purposes is one basic truth all men have come to embrace. Discovery of purpose thus became man’s ultimate assignment especially as it eventually serves as the fulcrum of his vision. Vision is what drives a man. It’s an embodiment of his ‘big picture’ and his life’s directions. It stems from his passion and charts the road map towards his anticipated future. Vision is a compelling view of a future yet to be and it creates meaning and purpose which catapults you to high levels of achievement. It is simply seeing your tomorrow today!

As Christians, we are commanded to walk by faith and not by sight [2Corinthians 5:7]. What you see, you will seize and you can achieve whatever your mind can conceive. You need to get hold of what God has implanted in you and preserve it in prayer! Opportunities will meet you at the level of your vision. Once you are clear and specific about what you want in your life and you are passionate about it, God will provide resources to make it happen for you as your passion would build up your faith and your faith can sure move mountains [Matthew 17:20]! I often encourage people to dream big and be passionate about their dreams. The passion you have for your dreams will cause you to celebrate them and motivate you towards actualizing them.

Your vision should be vivid and compelling enough to propel you towards action. Writing it down articulates and bring it from the unseen into the natural realm [Habakkuk 2:2&3]. Diligence and careful planning are very important too but however, don’t over-analyze, over-project or try to dwell too much on what could be the negative repercussions of any action that is in alignment with your vision because that could create fear. Fear attracts more fearful situations because your feelings are like magnet. Fear cripples faith and if allowed to aggravate would be one great hindrance towards making your dreams come true. Behind the ugly mask of fear lies the soothing countenance of fulfilment so tear the mask and go make your vision a reality!