At a friend’s mum’s funeral…

It was twilight at dawn.
The sky tumbled,
the stars bled from the hearts.
Poor old woman!
She went wild in the patter of rain.
Her tumbled heart in convulsive gasps,
as she forces a joke to make amends.
“Once upon a joke” she said amidst tears and sighs.
The rhythm finally subsides as the cock crows.
It was the stars, then the milky way.
Agonizing heads in discordant symphony.
The claustrophobic atmosphere of darkness;
the agony of going over the brink into the limbo of time,
tearing through the flesh of her soul.

Caught in the throb of the drum.
shackled to the blood-stained chasm of oblivion,
she whispered to her lonely self.
“We don’t say goodbye in my city’
Yes! We don’t say goodbye.
And our final epilogue bound by this harsh law,
forever bask in the eloquence of silence.