God created man to worship and be in communion with Him. When the first Adam sinned, man became tainted and imperfect. The human race was cursed to a life of suffering. Man has since then come to know pain and shame. Pain comes in varying forms. It could be the death of a loved one, disappointment, betrayal of all kinds or even when romantic relationships turn sour. Our tendencies as human to revolve our lives around those we love and care for often make our everyday lives susceptible to these misfortunes. They happen to everyone of us at some point in our lives and when they do happen, our reaction to them tells a great deal about our resilience. Our ability to shift focus and re-anchor our lives determines how best we make use of whatever those challenges might be.

Granted, some of these life issues can be so crippling that they make us feel powerless especially if they are in areas of our lives that we feel what we’re getting is not commensurate with our efforts. The feeling of helplessness can be overwhelming. The problem however in such areas is often either those things we wish to cling to aren’t God’s will for us or God has something better planned for us. It’s usually the case of telling God we want Him in charge and yet fail to leave the driver’s seat. Someone once said “If you never say goodbye to the best things in your life, there are things you don’t appreciate at all.” If Christ is our true anchor, our lives will always find strength and stability even in the midst of life’s unending storms.

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them”- Romans 8:28 [NLT].

Rather than being overwhelmed by pain and disappointment, we should always trust in God’s ability to give beauty for our ashes and take responsibility for turning our lives around. One antidote to letting our feeling powerless overwhelm us is to establish a sense of control in other areas of our lives that are working. We should avoid other areas that sap energy, and channel our resources towards nourishing our psyche and physical well being. We should shift focus towards our collection of past victories for motivation and let it steer us towards greater victories and turning those stumbling blocks into stepping stones.