Another reason we don’t get answers to our prayers is when our faith refuses to acknowledge the reality of our current situation. Yeah! It’s true we walk by faith and not by sight but then again we often forget God is not a magician. Whatever a man sows, that he’ll surely reap. Exercising faith for seeds not sown amounts to mocking God. It’s like not studying at all for an examination and trusting God to help you pass in flying colours. That’s like trusting Him to break one of life’s principles. Although He has the power, God would not in anyway shortchange the principle of seed and harvest. “Faith without works is dead”- James 2:26. He has promised to bless the work of our hands. That means there must be ‘work’ on our hands and although we must have the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of whatever might be our current reality, we must never loose faith that we will prevail in the end.

When we discern God’s will for our lives and come to terms with the true state of our situations, we can then trust God to guide our planning and have faith in His ability to make our diligence pay off. We must hold on to our faith in His ability to do immeasurably more than we can ever ask of, think or imagine and trust Him to always bring out good music even out of our broken chords!