Let’s talk about death. Yes, death! Word got to me yesterday about a friend of mine that lost his fiancee sometimes last week. She was a young, intelligent and vivacious lady. The fact that she had such a wonderful life ahead of her heightened my grief about the loss. I’m still finding it hard to believe she’s indeed gone. I got so engrossed in my thoughts about her last night, wondering what the next ten or thereabouts years of her life would have turned out to be and finally dwelling on the stark reality that death is indeed an inevitable end for all.

As much as I don’t think it’s healthy to make death our life’s focus, I bet if we all live with the consciousness of it, life would be a much better place. We’ll never be desperate for anything, learn to let go, forgive easily, suffer less hurt, live in and savour each moment, be kindhearted and live at peace with all men. We’ll quit seeing life as an 100metres dash in which every man is for himself but as a relay race where you do your part and pass the baton to someone else. A classic case of ‘live and let live’. It’s true that if you imagine what people will say (oftentimes unsaid) at your funeral, you’ll be mindful of how you live. You’ll see your every deed as a seed and acknowledge God in all your dealings.

He has given His instructions [Micah 6:8], told you the blessings of obedience and even the consequences of disobedience [Deuteronomy 28]. You are encouraged to seek wisdom [Proverbs 4:7], discern what is right per time and pursue Godly living [1Timothy 6:11-12]. However fleeting, God wants to make a miracle of your life and you must be willing to play your part. You must be willing and ready to accept His Lordship and guidance, take responsibility for your life, live by faith and not by sight, and ultimately strive to reign with Christ. You’ll live a fruitful life here on earth and a glorious one hereafter!