It was my meditation on the familiar story of David and Goliath as recorded in 1Samuel 17 today that reminded me of how recalling our past victories could fire up our confidence and strengthen our faith especially when the going gets tough. Life’s challenges oftentimes can be overwhelming but the truth is, there is always that silver lining in every cloud. We should endeavour to pay more attention to them because the more we testify about these God’s goodness, the more of them we’ll see.

In verses 34-37, David responds to King Saul’s skepticism and his brothers’ criticism by recalling his past victories over lions and bears. His testimony of God’s omnipotence was the perfect morale booster for the battle. It was even enough for the king to give him the benefit of the doubt. The usual strategy of the enemy is to get us focused on past failures and mistakes so that we could get stucked in a rut. David could have focused on his weaknesses and past frustrations but he chose to dwell on his previous victories instead. That got him fired up and his total reliance on the same God gave him victory over the Philistine.

Life will not always be fair. As they say, it’s not a bed of roses. Challenges come and go. You win some, you loose some. However daunting life may present itself every now and then, one faith enhancing, confidence boosting strategy that will be of great help it to always take time out to count our blessings, take note or keep records (a journal might come in handy here) of them for easy recall in the future and leverage on these milestones for future victories!