Our imperfect nature causes us to sometimes make wrong choices. When we do, our conscience convicts us with guilt and we are constantly reminded of our fallen state. Our response to guilt is usually coloured by our understanding of its essence. We either choose to ignore the feeling or acknowledge it and let it steer us towards the reality of our situation.

For me, it’s a wake up call. Guilt is a gift, a form of God’s grace to expose me to my true self and force me to take seriously my sin, whether it’s a lashing tongue, a lustful thought or a lingering pride. Each time I do something wrong or fall short of God’s standards, the festering guilt can function for good, turning me to see my state before a holy God. I have the opportunity to come to true repentance and like the prodigal son be restored to My Father rather than let it take a toll on my emotional, spiritual and even my physical health. I try to repair my relationship with God and let Him repair my relationship with others and even with myself. I trust God to help me do what I can to make amends with those I’ve hurt and commit to living sin-free!

“The purpose of being guilty is to bring us to Jesus. Once we are there, then its purpose is finished. If we continue to make ourselves guilty (to blame ourselves) then that is sin in itself.” – Corrie ten Boom.

The Bible says “so if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” [John 8:36 ESV]. Jesus already paid for my guilt and shame. He died on the cross and took away all my sins. I possess the mind of Christ, so I refuse to let guilt drag me down! I’m clothed in God’s righteousness! I am an overcomer!!!