The alarming rate at which “destination sickness” is ravaging our society today should be a serious food for thought for every one of us. How else can one describe a situation where a man after having achieved all of his life’s goals realizes none of his achievements gave him peace and satisfaction? It is an epidemy that is rapidly eating into our moral fabric. The quest to “make it” is enslaving people to their careers and ambitions. Workaholism is becoming the norm for our generation. Everyone wants to get to the top and we often get so blinded by the race that we fail to realize it’s much more about enjoying the process than about getting there. We get so absorbed in the rat race and end up being consumed in the maze.

Yeah! It’s noble to strive towards fulfilment, great to desire prosperity and very good to be ambitious but one should be able to strike a balance! Ambitions should not be driven by greed and materialism because when they are, all sorts of negative devices gets into play. We trample on our relationships and even fail to nurture new ones. We get caught up in our desire to “arrive” that we not only destroy relationships, we also loose sight of what’s truly important-God!

Our priorities and schedules are so oblivious of our being uniquely created for God’s pleasure [Revelation 4:11]. We’re too busy to realize it’s only knowing, following and living our lives for Him that can truly bring lasting peace and fulfilment. We forget that it’s only His blessings that is sorrow free [Proverbs 10:22], only for our frustrations on “arrival” to remind us of this truth. Retracing our steps at that point becomes wearisome as the enormity of the task would be dependent on the extent of damage done to ourselves and to our relationships.

This piece is a call to action! As the usual weekly frenzy starts again today, let us please take a moment to reflect on how we might have erred on the side of caution. How caught up we might have been in the seeming rat race and do a quick evaluation of our lives as against our core values, beliefs and purposes. Let our discoveries guide and guard our actions and focus this week and beyond!

Have a great week y’all!