I’m currently doing a book study on Ecclesiastes. The book of Ecclesiates is a detailed record of The Preacher’s quest for a fixed unchanging value that can be found in life that can serve as a basis for proper living. I’m taking notes on some of the vital kingdom principles found in this great book and it’ll be my pleasure to have you join me as we explore them in a series of articles on this blog!

The central theme of the book (generally credited to King Solomon), which is the failure of the Preacher to find real value in earthly possessions and lifestyles is a pointer for the 21st century Christian who lives in this age of greed and materialism to concentrate on Godly living and building treasures in heaven [Ecc. 12:13]. We’re uniquely created for God’s pleasure [Rev. 4:11] and it’s only knowing, following and living our lives for Him that can truly bring lasting peace and fulfilment. Life’s true meaning can only be found in faithfulness and integrity towards God and others.

The first two chapters is basically about how meaningless the quest for pleasure and materialism can be. It also highlights the futility of human wisdom and failure of retribution, as the wise and the fool face the same inevitable end. We require material things to make our lives comfortable but our pursuit of them should not in anyway rob us of our relationship with God. If the richest man in all of history could not find pleasure in his wealth, it sure shows the vanity in earthly treasures. They never satisfies! Besides, not only do wealth and pleasure accomplish nothing, man cannot be certain how his heirs would handle them as he cannot take them with him at death. Instead of piling up wealth that might end up being wasted, it is best to see our possessions as blessings from God and enjoy them with a thankful heart!

It is also important we note that human wisdom is not the ultimate. It should only be a means to seek God and follow His ways. Human wisdom and knowledge only increases grief and sorrow. Godly wisdom stems from the fear of the Lord [Prov: 9:10]. It is profitable to direct and does lead to life everlasting! It’s the wisdom that brings light and understanding to our thoughts and actions! It’s the true wisdom we should all seek!