Today is the last day of 2012 and like most people, in anticipation of the unknown 2013, I found my thoughts today drifting towards how well I did with my goals for the year. One profound discovery I made was that nearly all the things I believed God for this year that never came to pass were actually my own doing. I trusted God to make my dreams come true but my faith was a fearful one because it lacked action.

There is a faith that believes but a believing faith never produces results until it translates to an acting faith. Someone once said that “life will always bow down to a man with faith”. It’s faith in action that causes you to take that first necessary step. It’s simply an acting faith that makes you get up each time you fall, begin again when you make a mistake and refuse to give up against all odds.

Fear is one force that cripples our faith. It breeds doubt and consequently erodes our confidence. The uncertainty associated with it paralyses our actions as they oftentimes make us doubt even our personal convictions and beliefs. We fear failing and so fail to act. We then find ourselves trusting God to part the red sea, yet hiding the rod behind our backs.

As we journey into 2013, let us rid ourselves of every fear and anxiety over all our aspirations and trust God to make our dreams come true. For He has not given us the spirit of fear but of love, power and sound mind [2Timothy 1:7] and in my humble opinion, especially if they are in line with His perfect will for us, God can actually without our lifting a finger make all things happen for us but He always requires us to take that first leap of faith as a sign of our total dependence on Him. That’s faith in action! That’s when He takes all the glory! That’s when He’ll do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine!

I see us doing exploits in 2013 in Jesus name!