We all generally respond to life in two ways. We either proactively develop our potentials in preparation for the opportunity we expect in our future or reactively develop our potentials in response to tough situations life hands us. It’s the first law of motion. We are either pushing at life or life is pushing at us.

Our being proactive drives us towards seeking purpose and taking definitive steps towards finding fulfillment. However, every now and then, life’s challenges forces us to reactively re-evaluate our paths, and oftentimes could steer us in an entirely different route especially when such challenges reveals the folly in our laid out strategies and projections.

Our two faceted reactions towards life determines our path towards fulfillment. Our proactivity enables us to chart these paths for ourselves while our reactivity causes us, at some point to change or modify plans and sometimes purpose(s) because as we grow older, we become wiser and our value systems often changes. Sometimes they do as a result of having a better understanding of ourselves and what our true desires should be. At other times, it could be failure to reach our desired expectations or the sudden realization/experience of the dire consequences of our plan of actions. We are forced to retrace our steps or stick to our original plan at our own peril.

Life, as they often say is not a bed of roses. It’s challenges can be overwhelming. Sometimes they are self inflicted, other times, life’s just unfair but I tell you what, inspite of life’s fluctuating modes, one sure anchor you can trust to never fail is Jesus Christ!

He offers stability like no other. He would drive you towards purpose, guide and guard you every step of the way! Trust Him to be in charge of your life and in all things, you will experience peace beyond understanding. Your life will be filled with so much blessings than you could ever imagine or ask for and when you surrender control to Him, all you need do is let Him be your guide, remain steadfast in His loving care and like me, your song would always be;

His oath, His covenant, and blood.
Support me in the ‘whelming flood;
When all around my soul gives way,
He then is all my hope and stay.
On Christ, the solid rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand!