Well, It’s funny I woke up this morning wondering what life would be without christmas. As a christian, that’s like wondering what life would be without God’s plan for redemption. There probably would not be any reason to wine, dine and have fun today as Christ’s birth would have been nonexistent. We would have been living with the sinful nature of the first Adam and maybe keep atoning for our sins with blood of rams, cows, goats and what have you. There would have been no hope for mankind for God’s purpose for creating man would have been defeated. But God so loved us that He gave us the second Adam, His only son to restore mankind to Himself (John 3:16). He came that we may have life in abundance (John 10:10). He paid the ultimate price, completely atoned for our sins even while we are yet sinners. The Lamb of God humbly came on a day like this some thousand of years ago to perfect God’s plan for redeeming mankind. As significant as His birth is, the cradle is nothing without the cross. The real gift of christmas was delivered on Good Friday, so while we celebrate, share and dine with friends, folks and all, let’s not loose sight of the reality and reason for the season. Jesus, it is! If you don’t have a relationship with Him yet, now is a very wonderful time to ask Him to be your Lord and personal saviour. It’s a decision you’ll forever have reasons to be thankful for!

Merry Christmas!