You are down and out. Your faith is weak. On the verge of despair. Tired of failing with no light in sight and the end of the tunnel even looks bleak. Why me? Why me? I don’t deserve this is all you could muster with your tiny leftover strength that’s gradually failing.

She was on the brink of collapse when I found her. I told her God ‘s still with her. He’s not in anyway forgotten her. Even when it’s pitch dark. He’s still there, watching and hoping she’ll trust Him with it. Casting all cares upon Him and thanking Him for working it out even when her situation seems contrary.

David’s approach in Psalm 77 was a classic example of how to get there! He was in such a great distress that he at some point concluded God is no longer saving him from the impending doom. He felt rejected and discouraged. However it was until he encouraged himself even in the same Almighty God by meditating on the great deeds and mighty acts He’s done in the past that he finally found comfort. From verse 11 emphasizes how he got his victory. He had to rid his heart of all negativity and dwelled on the testimonies of His ‘Almightiness’. It was then that it came back to his consciousness that God’s actually bigger than his situation and He’s working it out for his good. Little wonder he’s reputed to be ‘the man after God’s heart’!

Are you in despair? Frustrated or dejected? Weak, worried or wearied? Take the counsel I gave my precious friend. Cast it all on God, meditate on how He’s been there for you in times past and dance (with thanksgiving!) your way to victory! You’re lifted!